Monday, 26 March 2012


The past couple of weeks me and 3 other danish people have been working on presentation about Denmark, to show to our school, Upaon-Açu. It has been hard but very fun to work in português! Last fridat was the day of our presentation, it went very well, eventhough we were a bit nervous in the begining. We laughed alot! Imagine 4 danish people trying to speak portuguese "fluently" in front of a bunch of brazilian people ... I brought my host sister Thalyssa with me, so she could watch "the show" too. I have a video of the whole thing, but my camera wont pass on the videos, strange... Well. We started our presentation around 7 o'clock, and 6 different classes came in one at a time. That was a lot of talking. But in the end it was awesome. We have 2 more presantations to go, because our school liked it so much! Gringa feliz :-)
Here are some pictures from today and my school:

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