Monday, 26 March 2012

Pagodeeeee ♥

Random pictures on random days

Me and other exchange students at a music class in the old part of town - Centro Histórico

Me sleeping in class haha.. One of my friends took this picture. Fail.

 Skype in class on my iPhone with family in Denmark and friends in Brazil.

 Picture of my school.

On my way home from school.

 Homemade bananacream.

 My host family's dog.


The past couple of weeks me and 3 other danish people have been working on presentation about Denmark, to show to our school, Upaon-Açu. It has been hard but very fun to work in português! Last fridat was the day of our presentation, it went very well, eventhough we were a bit nervous in the begining. We laughed alot! Imagine 4 danish people trying to speak portuguese "fluently" in front of a bunch of brazilian people ... I brought my host sister Thalyssa with me, so she could watch "the show" too. I have a video of the whole thing, but my camera wont pass on the videos, strange... Well. We started our presentation around 7 o'clock, and 6 different classes came in one at a time. That was a lot of talking. But in the end it was awesome. We have 2 more presantations to go, because our school liked it so much! Gringa feliz :-)
Here are some pictures from today and my school:

Brazilian Tunes

Saturday, 10 March 2012


You are problaly thinking what the fuck is this.. But I like it haha  ;-)


A tapioca é o nome de uma iguaria tipicamente brasileira, de origem indígena tupi-guarani, feita com a fécula extraída da mandioca, também conhecida como goma da tapioca, polvilho, goma seca, polvilho doce. Esta, ao ser espalhada numa chapa ou frigideira aquecida, coagula-se e vira um tipo de panqueca ou crepe seco, em forma de meia-lua (ou disco, como em algumas regiões). O recheio varia, mas o mais tradicional é feito com coco e queijo. O nome tapioca é derivado da palavra tipi'óka «coágulo», o nome para este amido em Tupi. Esta palavra tupi se refere ao processo pelo qual o amido é feita comestíveis e passou um se referir a processos de Preparo similares.

Tapioca is the name of a typical Brazilian dish, a Tupi-Guarani Indian origin, made from starch extracted from cassava, also known as gum tapioca, flour, starch dry cassava starch. This, to be spread on a plate or pan heated, coagulates itself and becomes a kind of pancake or crepe dry, in the form of half-moon (or disk, as in some regions). The filling varies, but the most traditional one is made with coconut and cheese. The name is derived from the tapioca tipi'óka 'clot', the name for this starch in Tupi. This Tupi word refers to the process by which starch is edible and done now refer to a preparation similar processes.

O sol me faz sorrir (the sun makes me smile)

When I came home from school today, I went directly to guitar lessons. After that I just layed by the pool for hours and read in my book (Desculpa se te chamo de Amor) I have read 2 chapters now!