Sunday, 18 September 2011

Casa Da Famìlia

Yesterday I went to Casa Da Famìlia, that was a wonderful experience.
So many sweet and innocent children live there, and it was great to see them smile and make them laugh. And I can’t wait to come visit them again, especially my little homegirl Victoria - ‘Vicky’ :-) Here is some information about the project:
This project aims to raise funds for Casa da Família as to allow them to acquire needed
equipment and tools, as well as to develop leisure and educational activities with the
children/adolescents living there.
Casa da Família is a shelter kept by SOCIEDADE VOLUNTÁRIA DE ASSISTÊNCIA AO MENOR –
SVAM (Volunteer Society for Assistance to Minors). It was founded in 1996 as an association to
work in defense of social rights of children and adolescents in personal and social risk
Its President is Mrs Ana Kelma Sousa da Silva Ballerio, who is a Pedagogue. The
Association is registered at the Social Assistance City Board, the City Board for Children’s and
Adolescents’ Rights, and the Social Assistance National Board.
Casa da Família is a temporary “shelter” for poor children and adolescents that have suffered
any kind of violence, abuse or abandonment. Children and adolescents remain there for
different periods of time depending on each specific situation. Currently there are around 50
children and adolescents there. At the shelter they
are offered assistance services according to the
federal, state and local laws. Casa da Família offers
its sheltered an environment similar to a house and
full protection which includes: accommodation and
meals; guidance and support; access to public and
private services (education and health); workshops
(socialization, dance, arts, reading, recreation) and
trips; hygiene orientation programs; varied courses;
family reinstatement and substitute families in
cooperation with lawyers and Law interns, and
through Justice.
SVAM develops its work together with public organs and private institutions. One of the main
aims is to make possible for children and adolescents to integrate/reintegrate into community
Voluntary work means devoting part of one’s time and abilities to do something on someone
else’s behalf without receiving anything material in exchange. Apart from this, there are other
types of voluntary work that, though aiming to improve the situation of people, do not imply
having to devote one’s time and abilities to attending them
directly. Here we include different categories of voluntary
service such as environmental, cultural, leisure and
community work. But in the context of this project,
voluntary social work can be considered as the type of
service devoted to people with special needs.
This means that what characterizes voluntary social work is
precisely the fact that its focus is on giving direct attention
to individuals whose basic needs, whether physical,
psychological, cultural, economic, etc., are not covered.
By working with children and adolescents in personal and
social risk situations (whether due to direct cruelty or
because of the circumstances a child may have had to live
in), we can help to bring them a more positive and, most of
all, more dignified view of the world in which they live. In this case, voluntary work is often a
source of hope for these people.
Exchange students, their host families and colleagues/friends from schools are invited to join
this voluntary work project.

São Luís Fashion Week

Last week I went to SLZ Fashion Week with my two sisters and some friends. We got free invites from my mothers job, we went there 3 days in a row. Lots of pretty clothes and beautiful people & models. Each day, there came a celebraty from the brazilian tv-shows "novelas", and everybody went crazy every time they came out on the podium. Here are some pictures I took: