Monday, 2 April 2012

Hoje foi maravilhoso :)

Hey everybody! I just wanna tell about my day, which was amawing.. First I came home from school all tired and stuff and then I had to go Via Mundo (the brazilian organisation) around 4 o'clock because we had a running event on the Beach with a running group, that had specielly invited us to train a little with them. We ran 1800 m, and made some activites etc. on the beach, with a wonderfull breeze and reggae music playing in the background, from one of the Beach bars. It felt amazing! And then after, I took the bus home, and there was traffic..Btw it was freaking hot in the bus.. I arrived In my naborhood/my street, and started walking to my house, so on the way I passed my guitar teachers house, and I saw that there had opened a new food place, a little foodstall, infront of his house, first i walked passed, but then I decided "what the hell, let me try." I orderd a churrasquinho (little barbecue, with rice, shrimp cream, farrofa (?), salat and so on!) and the man who owned the stall, was a cook fra São Paulo, who once had a restaurant there, but he moved here to São Luis in december. He was so nice! Me and the 'gate man' from my street were there waiting for our food, and the cook was just talking, about everything, about food, and that he also mad japanese food, and I only payed 7 R$ for a plate and a coke -  21,40 DKK - 3,84 USD !! It was so fucking delicious! So I told them that I was from Denmark, because they ended up asking me something that i didn't understand, and they were so sweet! The best part was that it cost 7,50, but i only had 7, so they said it was okay! :))) well I took the food to go, and said thank you (btw I was smiling the whole time! Right from when I arrived).. I turned the corner to walk to my house (very close), and then a car behind me was playing one of my favorite songs, so I'm walking all happy, smiley face, with food swinging in my hand. Here comes the funny part. The car behind me, it was two young men checking me out! Hahaha, and they stopped the car infront of the gate, so I stopped too because I thought that they were gonna enter, so I looked at them. Omfg awkward because they were totally checking me out, and when I found out that they stopped because of me i quickly went through the door/gate.. And I started laughing, and guess what, while I'm almost home by my door/gate the freaking car enters and stops by my house! Wtf! So I like run in and close the door! And then they left...
Yep, that was my day today.
Beijos (kisses)
- Samy

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