Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Feliz Natal

The 21st of November I got out of school and went on christmas break. I start school again the 30th of January - BELEZA! About 2 months of sweet vacation. Just relaxing, enjoying the sunshine, taking my time, and I have to start going to the beach more otften, I'm to lazy... I will be spending christmas at my grandmothers house, with the whole family, that's gonna be fun, my family is great. 
Here is a picture of my christmas tree in my house:

(Yes, I did paint this on my iPod touch haha :-) )

My last day of school (21st of November) was awesome, we didn't do anything, but sing, eat and dance. After cristmas break my class 2B will start studying in third year - 3B, but I will not continue with them next year, which means that I will stay in 2B, but just with new classmates. I will miss them so much, I think it is such a nice class, with some cool people :( But we will still see each other in lunchbreak.

Here is a video with my some guys from my class dancing to a brazilian song ! :-)

I don't know if I have said this before, but I take the bus every day to school. So here is a picture, of the busstop near my house, No comments haha :-) I still love Brazil.

That's all for now. Beijos.

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